Jerritt Patterson

Owner and Stylist for 6 years

Specialty: Color Correction, Vivid Coloring & Color Placement

“I love to take a basic cut and color and transform it into my own work of art.”

Adafo Blair


Specialty: Versatile Hair Types, Style Creation & Fantasy Colors

“I want to work with you to find a look that will enhance your natural looks AND elevate your confidence.”

Ryan Hacker

Stylist for 14 years

Specialty: Short Cuts, Extensions & Especially Blondes

“I’m on a mission to give every person I come in contact with a more positive outlook on life. I have a strong passion for making men and women feel their very best.”

Ryan Hacker

Dustin Reid

Stylist for 12 years

Specialty: Cutting (Power Bobs, Short Cuts, Fades, Long and Layered), Creative Color Placement & Styling for Events or Special Occasions

“I love translating the latest trends into the everyday wearable glamor look.”